Student's Day

Yes! At last! My last students day. You heard me right, Students Day a two (2) day celebration for being a student. We have this annual celebration here at our school. That's why I will not let this pass. This will be my last students day with my co-uician. I am happy that a few weeks from now I will become an alumni, well I am already an alumni at this school because I graduated in the same institution when I was in high school but this time it will be in college department. Well so much with that I dont want to jinx my graduation. That's why I will be posting my outfit of the day. 

Polo Shirt: Gap
Inner Tshirt: Jockey in black
Pants: The Diva by Old Navy
Shoes: Faded Glory
Bag: Emma Fox



Happy New Year loves! It's a brand new year and everything would be as fresh as new but maybe not which I say maybe. Well fashion this coming 2014 is not that new, because most of the in coming fashion trends this year was used already last year. But most of them will be improved in new styles but stay in the color scheme. 

The following would be the most probable trending styles this year.

The trend of Brand logo and Cartoon prints. This style is brilliant! I thought this would not work but I was wrong. High waist is still on the go.
The floral is still on but girly and safe prints will say goodbye for the bold floral is in this year. Also crop top and mid rib is walking this year fashion looks. For the shoes Platform and Pumps is still in but Scarpin is now rocking the Runway.

The Quirky prints! Rebellious style is still in trend and also for Distressed fabrics. 

Bold and Vibrant Red is still in and same to Black

Pastel colours will not fade this year for nature colours like Gold and Bronze is still trending and will rock the street fashion.

*Disclamer of this post
- I did not post any of this for advertisements.
- The source of the pictures are from Fashiolista (All of the products could be seen in my loves here at my profile )

Stay Chic and Classic!


Let The Army March on December

December, the month full of love, happiness and get together. This month; I'm inspired to mix and match my outfit into something like army inspired well actually it's some kind related to Christmas. Yah! I know you don't get it, but this outfit is inspired from a nutcracker (can you believe that?) if you don't then that's not my problem anymore. haha. BTW just neglect my face. :P

Whatzz up ?

Vince Camuto strappy wedge.

Max Studio Pencil Skirt

Stay Chic and Classic!


Michelle Phan: Accidental Millionaire

Is it correct to use accidental or much appropriate  to use hard work? I know many of you know Michelle Phan, especially those woman who loved to use make ups. Yes! I am a subscriber of her channel in youtube and its almost 4 years of watching her youtube videos. I am even a subscriber of her another channel Ricebunny (which is her last update was 10 months ago). I love how Michelle inspire many women out there, especially me, I've learn a lot from her and not just a lot but almost 90% of my makeup skills are from her! Thanks to you Michelle, I barely know you but as far as I know, your life before is not easy and being in a poor family is hard. For me you're such a hard working person that I've ever know, you did it well for your family and I salute you. 

For my tribute to Michelle, I will have a timeline of how I meet her and following her in every step she made.

1.) The first encounter.

I was surfing the net to find how to stretch my new bought shoes, because obviously it was half an inch smaller than feet size. Voila! I found Michelle's tip and it worked! Sorry I cannot put any picture's with my shoes, coz it was like 4 years ago and I don't have that shoes anymore. :P

-- after that first video, I was watching already her video updates.

2.) The application

Haha! this was the video! I did even make my own " How to clean your brush"'

Click the image
(It was 3 years ago! haha! the face!)

4.) I meet my pink inspiration, Xiaxue!

This video is my first encounter with xiaxue! I love how she bling her camera with swarovski and also the brush she bought at sephora! loving her a lot! Actually both of them! Thank you Michelle!

5.) Encounter with the fashion guru Chriselle

I love her styles! <3

6.) Encounter with Promise Phan

I love how Promise copy celebrities faces using makeups!

7.)Meet his Boyfriend! :)

He meet his boyfriend in Paris.

8.)My Michelle Phan account

Member since August 1, 2011

9.) Finding Ipsy !

10.) Her new line of makeup, her dream and her passion! Em Cosmetics

The price of her hard works and determination!

Godspeed Michelle! you are a true beauty! Inside and Out. You proved to yourself that being poor is not a hindrance to your success, because hard work and determination is the key to the top! Applause to you Michelle Phan!




Laces and Golds

Bandolino Thong Sandals

Forever 21 lace pencil skirt

Tommy Hilfiger Body Sling Bag

Confidence is your best accessory!




Korean Night's

Welcome to Arirang! this is one of  the Korean stores you will find here in Davao City. This is located just beside the Victoria Plaza inside it's compound.  

Yummylicious ice creams and milk shakes!

Junkies! haha


My MELONA Ice Cream!
This is a melon flavored ice cream, it's so creamy and yummy. You will gonna love this!

Irresistibly Good!

Korean Ice Cream called "Samanco", a fish-shaped ice waffle vanilla ice cream. This dessert comes with two layers the (1) Soft Vanilla Ice cream and (2) Sweet Red-Bean Layer.

Sunflowers seed! I thought that this was a sunflower seed that should be planted and should not be eaten. But when I tried it, it was like "CHOCOLATE" the sunflower seed was seriously coated with chocolates! AMAZING! You should try this guys!

A Korean Pear Juice, a really good juice drink if you will be drinking all night. It will help you alleviate alcohol hangover! cool huh! So for those Alcohol Drinker's meet your new best friend.

Junkfoods! sorry if I can't translate this.

Kimchi of course! In spite of its foul odor, this appetizer is so delicious and mouth watering, I like how the spicy and the sour flavor burst in your mouth that will make you ask for more.

Soju! a Classic and the Fresh. Also Makgeolli a Rice wine.

I love this classic soju than the fresh soju. I don't really know what's the difference but they differ in taste and spirit.

This Korean Night was the best! some of the food we ate was my first time, thank you for the sponsors Arirang and my dear cousin. :)



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