Scenery on Sundays

It's a fine Sunday morning, and all you want to do is to snuggle your bed with your PJ's on. But it is also a day you want to do things you don't usually do. Aside from going to church, Sundays are made for families, and what families do on a usual Sunday? I know we do have different traditions and rituals on our Sundays. But have we known or take time to observe what other families do during this day? Especially those who have their own kind of family and their own kind of celebrating Sundays. I have observed that whoever you've been with or whatever you just have, the most important thing about is Happiness and Love... Everything will be complete if you are happy with what you have or even what you just have as long as you are doing things you want to do without hurting others. 

Before going to church, getting a snap about what I wore. So let us start our week full of energy and love. Don't just say TGIF but always say TGFE (Thank God For Everyday)


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