Persuing of dreams

Have you ever had that feeling where you are too anxious about your future? You think that you are not good enough to challenge yourself and face the real world and its awful challenges. Then you go down thinking that I should stick to my comfort zone because I'm more safe and less risk taking, less failure. But have you ever thought about risking and taking your very best shot to make your future brighter?

Planning for your future is not that simple it takes so much "take notes" and "remember" to go through what you planned. But life isn't about what you wanted to have, sometimes even the things you have been working out isn't enough and that just lead you to exhaustion and frustrations. Maybe that isn't for you. Maybe you are doing that to please someone or maybe you are doing that due to envious reasons. Well, it is now your time to STOP! Think about doing it for yourself, for your own happiness and satisfaction. Taking risk and getting out your comfort zone is also a must, how can you grow up and fly to reach the sky if you don't want to spread your wings. There is someone once said that your comfort zone is your killing zone, it is where you kill your dreams and opportunities. So let's face the challenges of life and be happy at what you're doing and fill it up with love and compassion.

Yes! It is my first blog entry literally first from my comeback. OK! I know I have posted many entries before, but I deleted them due to personal reasons (so much drama happened) and how about call it "X". So I kept my blog open but outdated for almost a year, then after the "X" happened, I decided to delete all sorts of entries I have on this blog and that I regret until now. That's why after I found myself "Version 2.0" I thought I should go back blogging and share to you how I defeated my fearful, less confident, I pity myself version 1.0. Though that version is kind, self giving and whatsoever positive and great things about her, the "Version 2.0" is not that bad at all, well she forgive, but never forget she went outside her comfort zone I also heard she is a risk taker now (hmm. I'm looking forward to that) and she Love more. We all know that after a bad experience comes in how to stand up on your own feet again? And I tell you it is not that easy to do. Think about a baby learning to walk, of course it should know how to stand before it could walk. That is why before you could move forward you should stand first with your own feet. Life is a step by step process, you can't go to a shortcut to fasten the journey you should take it slowly and after you found your journey make it happen and do it happily with love and passion around. Always remember that when you feel about quitting, remember why you get started. Remember to finish what you have started and do it victoriously.

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