DIY Phone Amplifier

We ate a lot of canned chips and I don't want to just throw out the container. It is such a waste to throw a sturdy and still useful thing. So I go to Pinterest (follow me!) to find some DIY projects and voila!! It just hit me right! I love the idea of amplifier that doesn't need electricity and it is made from a trash! I mean at least I did my small part to save mother earth. So how about I share with you how did I do it. It is cheap you don't need to spend more money (if you have the materials) and very easy!

So without further ado let's get started! (excited!)

1.) What you will need are the following:

a.) Container of the canned chips
b.) Phone
c.) Cutter/ Scissor
d.) Marker
e.) Tape measure/ Ruler
f.) Tape (I used a medical adhesive tape because It would help the container to be sturdy and it would be easy to paint on it.)
g.) Stander (I used glue stick on this, but you could use anything you could imagine to hold the container on place)
h.) Paint and Paint brush (optional)

2.) Measure the diameter of your phone.

3.) Make a mark at the container of your desired size to cut.

4.) Start cutting the mark (beware of the sharp cutters and scissors!)

Using cutter would be easier for this.

5.) Attach the legs, then make sure the container will not be rolling or moving. The legs will make the amplifier on place and make your phone away from falling. To secure the legs and to make a sturdy amplifier roll out the tape around the container nicely and neatly. Then start painting it (this step is optional).

6.) Let it dry!

We are done! but before that we need to test it out first to make sure our amplifier is working.

Here is the video where I test out the amplifier.

I hoped you like it!

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