Summer Breakout Accessory

Put on the sunscreen! Because summertime is now beating the fun. This is the most awaited season each year and it is where we indulge more of our time at the beach and smell the gentle wind of the sea while having our tans on. While we are too busy searching for the right destination and fun adventures to spend our summer with our family and friends. Let's check out the best new deals in fashion this summer.

Accessories are one thing that could spice up our #OOTD's. It is more inexpensive and could really bring your outfit to a whole new level. That is why there is a new breakout trend this summer. It could be expensive or not at all if you already have one, but this not so new accessory could make your outfit of the day a lot better.
Scarves has been a trend for a very long time since the late Queen Nefertiti year of the Egyptian empire. While in the year 1700, French people called it "cravats" which they wear different colors to demonstrate political support by the color of one's scarf; which is still used by some politicians now a days. Until when renowned brand Herm├Ęs introduces the graphic silk scarves year 1837 which is still famous and very expensive, the scarf is still the number 1 accessory must have until today.

Of course whether you use cheap or expensive scarf it doesn't matter as long as you got the style and rocking it, then you go girl!   

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